H&R Block Launches India's First Chat-based Tax Filing App 'Taxchat'

Jun 21 2016,


H&R Block India Pvt. Ltd., subsidiary of the global leader in tax preparation and the largest individual tax services company is revolutionizing the individual  tax filing arena with the launch of  Taxchat  app - a 100-percent free, do-it-yourself tax filing solution.

This futuristic app is built on a revolutionary, intuitive and interactive interface to simplify tax filing for the ones who prefer self tax filing. Perfectly designed for a first-time tax filer, this app enables them to file their income tax returns by simply chatting with a tax buddy.    Leveraging the chatting ability of an individual, this app is designed to add convenience and ease for do-it-yourself tax filers.  

Speaking on the launch,  Rohan Parikh, Managing Director, H&R Block India  said, "H&R Block, known for its innovation and path-breaking concept in income tax filing, continues to innovate faster, simpler and hassle free ways to make tax filing a great and satisfactory experience. The development and launch of this app is a direct result of our experience and expertise, serving clients directly and virtually. We have launched our revolutionary yet simple-to-use app for an error free and convenient tax filing." 

 He further added, "Our vision is to build products that are consumer-centric and offer ease and convenience in the long run. The app is designed to help users calculate their taxes and even plan their tax savings for the year."
The newly launched app comes with an array of amazing features:
- It integrates seamlessly if one starts the app and completes the filing process on a web platform
- Chatting ability found among smartphone users has been tapped in this new app to help users file their taxes as easily as they chat online
- Filing completion status that indicates progress
 It aims to enhance the overall customer experience in tax filing, by offering a chat-based feature with personalization.          

Talking about the app,  Devesh Shrivastava,  Country Head-IT, H&R Block India  said, "The app is more than an avatar. Instead it has its own personality and is named ''Birbal''- after the witty advisor to Emperor Akbar. The interface is uniquely designed to extract required information and helps resolve all tax queries. It is optimized to work on different devices and has all the functions available on its web platform too."  

''Taxchat'' is innovated and developed collaboratively in-house with inputs and expertise of highly qualified tax advisors of the company.   The app is currently available to all Android users and can be downloaded through Play Store:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aexonic.hnrblock&hl=en  or can be directly accessed through our web url:  http://www.taxchat.in

About H&R Block India Pvt. Ltd.  

H&R Block (India) Private Limited is the largest consumer tax filing company in India. It provides tax services like Expert Online Tax Preparation, Income Tax e-Filing Online (Free), In Person Tax e-Filing, NRI Tax e-Filing, US Tax Filing in India, Tax Consultation and Scrutiny to individuals including non-residents (NRIs) and expatriates. It has become one of the largest individual tax services companies in India in a short span of four years.

H&R Block India strives to blend tax expertise with a strong focus on continually improving the client experience to provide all its clients with an unparalleled value proposition. The company is currently present in major six cities -Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Gurgaon. H&R Block Inc. was founded by Henry and Richard Bloch in 1955 in Kansas City, U.S.A. Through nearly 60 years of service, the organization has remained committed to the original founding cornerstones that led to its eventual launch in India in January of 2012.  

Know more:  https://www.hrblock.in/

 About Spokespeople:  Rohan Parikh,Managing Director, H&R Block India   
 Rohan Parikh is the Managing Director of H&R Block in India and is responsible for overall business operations inIndia. Rohan spent 10+ years with H&R Block in U.S. prior to assuming his role in India in 2012.  H&R Block is passionate about providing clients excellent client service and Rohan works closely with his team to accomplish the same. One of his key responsibilities is to implement and simplify the tax filing process for taxpayers in India.  

Devesh Shrivastava,Country Head - IT, H&R Block India  Devesh Shrivastava is the Country Head for IT at H&R Block, and is responsible for all technology operations and product development in India. With over 16 years of international experience including 11 years in US with Fortune 500 companies leading enterprise technology functions, IT operations and strategic transformation programs, he is passionate about leveraging technology and innovation to drive significant value to the tax filing process and enhancing the client experience. 

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