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With over 60 years of tax expertise, an established global presence and an annual client base of over 25 million clients, H&R Block began operations in India in 2012 with a focus on offering an exceptional tax filing experience for all income tax filers in India. Our primary objective is to deliver the best Income Tax e-filing service and advisory related experience to all our clients.

Why choose H&R Block?

We offer a new way to file your taxes in India! Our Income Tax experts, our focus on technology & innovation and our focus on delivering exceptional client experience. Our tax experts comprise of qualified Chartered Accountants, CPAs and other experienced tax consultants. Not only do we hire the best in India to join our team, we also provide specialized H&R Block tax training once they join.

Similar to the past 60 years in U.S., we look forward to the next 60 years in India. We are focused on long term relationships with our clients. We know that many filers today have not reached the stage in their career where they need to use a CA or tax expert for their tax filing. For these clients, we offer our free and user friendly income tax e-filing portal. Plus our friendly and knowledgeable support team is ready to help should you need it. In case you have a more complex tax situation or simply prefer to have someone else prepare your taxes, we have qualified CAs and tax experts at our offices and virtually through our Expert Tax Preparation service to understand your tax situation, answer all your questions and prepare your tax return for you.

No matter your tax filing situation or your advisory needs, we take great pride in continually improving our services, data security systems, technology and it is our mission to not only satisfy but exceed every client's expectation.

To the lakhs of clients who have availed our services since 2012 and to all our future clients, we thank you sincerely for your patronage and the referral clients which you graciously send our way.

Happy Tax Filing!

Rohan S. Parikh, Managing Director

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